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3RD generation 5-in-1 Quantum Magnetic Analyser

3RD generation Bronze Mini Quantum Magnetic Analyser

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Why Buy Only 3RD Generation

WHY YOU SHOULD BUY THE THIRD [3RD]  GENERATION Quantum Analyzer Instead Of The Second [Generation]


1).The panel uses "dual-core" processor. This brings about faster and more accurate data than second generation [ that is any software that is 2.0 to 2.9]. Mordern computers as well use dual-core processor that is why they are very fast and accurate.


  •        The third generation Quantum is 92% accurate.
  •         The second generation is 85% accurate.

2) The Updated software interface provides richer sense of science and technology and it is easy to operate.

3). Additional useful function known as comparative analysis report [this is not comprehensive report], the results can be compared clearly.


 This means that if you carry out two test on a patient you can easily compare them by using a provision on the 3rd generation and thereby knowing which health item has improved or deteriorated.


The second generation does not have the above function.

4).The new test interface instructions are more clearly, scientific and precise.

5).The number of report has been increased to 41.(male, female each has 36 items).


6). Another  great advantage of the 3rd generation quantum is that you can

 Test Children with it unlike the 2nd generation.


7). The report for Kidney is more detailed and easier for the client or

Patient to understand unlike the 2nd.


8). You enjoy great convenience when saving your health report. With a click

Of the button you save both the detailed and comprehensive reports at once.


9). You benefit from the opportunity to upgrade your software forever, when

There is an upgraded version of quantum analyzer.





  1. We sell true authorized edition. Look out for CE(CE certificate)
  2.  We stock the items that we sell.
  3. We offer Good after-sales service by answering any technical questions you may have.                                                                                               Also  Benefit from our over  4 YEARS practical use of quantum analyzer.
  4.  Encryption key to protect your personal data.
  5.  We offer highly affordable price for high quality analyzers.

     6.  All our quantum magnetic resonance analyzers can be operated on any of the following  platforms :

         Win2000,   Windows XP,   Windows  2003,   Windows  Vista,      Windows 7 (32 and 64) .






1. Click on this for Mini [Small] Quantum Analyzer.

2 Click on this for Medium Quantum Analyzer

Picture of Comparative Analyzes From Only 3RD Generation Quantum Analyzer