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Dr Gideon Tunde Okubor:

Has been trained in Natural medicine, Traditional Medicine, Acupuncture, Chinese traditional Medicine, Use of quantum magnetic resonance analyzer. He has also been trained on advanced diagnostic tools as 3D NLS analyzer, 9D Bioplasm and 9D NLS/LRIS analyzers.

Also he is experienced in the expert use of 3D NLS analyser,,  9D LRIS analyzer, Detoxifying machine to actual remove heavy metals, acidity and other toxins and wastes from the body.

for the past 5 years he has trained many medical doctors, pharmacists, Medical Lab technicians, Biochemist, professors, network marketers, individuals, Lawyers, on how to use quantum analyzers correctly and interpret the scanned results correctly to international standards.

Furthermore he has trained 100's of individuals to use 3D NLS and 9D LRIS on how to use the devices correctly to determine actual bacterial, viruses, parasites, worms, the best prescription for diseases, frequency therapy, meta-therapy. Also how to determine if the supplements, herbs, drugs or any prescription will be helpful or harmful to the patient before administering such products to the patients using the 3D NLS and 9D LRIS.